So it's probably too late and it's highly likely no one will ever read this

But I was thinking today about the beginning of the term.
When I first read Luker and Knight I found that Luker was much more comforting. I'd never done any research before at all and she made it sound like it could actually be fun and natural and creative instead of the rigid and dull.
But now that I'm finishing the course and looking over this book I'm thinking that, while it might have started out nice and supportive, Salsa Dancing Into the Social Sciences is actually much more confusing than Knight. While I still like her ideas about researching being a more creative process, at some point I feel like her approach fails to solidify into something practical. If I was actually doing research, I think I would start with her but eventually would end up turning to a book like Knight for taking my research and ideas and making them into a study.

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