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Given van Dijk's savaging of Marcus Fox's speech regarding the Honeyford case, I was rather surprised that none of the original article was referenced.  I suppose that he wanted to focus more upon the obviously more powerful and rhetorically adept actor in the situation; but I found myself distracted by wondering what it was that Honeyford actually said.  Well, after a little bit of searching I found it:  Education and Race - an Alternative View.  And, yes, it really is as bad as all that - many of the power strategies identified in Principles of critical discourse analysis are fully in place, with distasteful pretensions of caring and persecution complex littering what is essentially racist screed.  It's as viable a site for CDA as Fox's speech - as is, it bears noting, the embarrassingly apologist article in the Telegraph only five years ago:  Headteacher who never taught again after daring to criticise multiculturalism.

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